Our Jewellery

Here at Felix and Reuben, we specialise in capturing your loved ones actual prints – handprints, footprints, fingerprints, paw prints or nose prints, and even special drawings or treasured handwriting, in heirloom quality silver jewellery.

Our bespoke jewellery is designed and handmade, from start to finish, at our studio in Hinckley, South West Leicestershire. You can choose from our wide range of designs or we can design something totally unique just for you!

Each and every piece of jewellery we design and make is individual to YOU and YOUR loved one, whether that be your child, partner, mother, father, grandparent, friend or pet. Many think that this type of jewellery is made from babies and childrens prints only, but infact, there is no age limit! We can make jewellery with prints from a newborn to someone who is one hundred and one! As each piece of jewellery is individually handcrafted, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

Fingerprint Jewellery

Capture all the swirls and whorls of your loved ones fingerprint in solid fine silver. Our fingerprint jewellery really is the ultimate keepsake. There is no age limit, we can work with prints from a baby, to someone who is one hundred and one!

Our fingerprint jewellery is made by taking the print in one of two ways; using our special two part moulding compound or a pencil print. Each technique of capturing the print results in a completely different look to your jewellery. Our special moulding compound is perfect for capturing all sizes and ages prints; babies, childrens and adults. Using the pencil print technique is perfect if you want a partial print on your jewellery, this techniques allows us to enlarge the fingerprint and use a detailed section of the print on your jewellery. I personally love the designs we create using prints taken with the moulding compound as I love the way that you can actually feel how the finger was pressed into the moulding compound, when wearing my fingerprint pendant I always find myself running my finger over the print, which I feel the fact that you can do this makes your piece that extra bit special.

All prints can be done via the post, so there is no need for us to meet to take the prints (although, it would be lovely to meet each and every customer!) If you’ve selected an item requiring a print to be taken with our moulding material, we send you an impression kit in the post, complete with full instructions on how to obtain the best prints. Enclosed with this, will also be a pre paid addressed envelope for you to return your prints. If you’ve selected an item that uses a pencil print we send you instructions immediately via email, as no kit is required for this, and you can send your prints back to us via email.

View our range of designs here – http://felixandreuben.co.uk/product-category/fingerprint/

Handprint and Footprint Jewellery

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All our handmade jewellery is made from sterling silver. (Please note that before June 2019, all our jewellery was made from fine silver, unless sterling was requested) All the findings such as jump rings, charm carrier, cufflink backs and keyring attachments etc are made from sterling silver.

Shapes, Sizes and Thickness of our Jewellery

Our charms are available in three sizes; small, medium and large, and in ten shapes; heart, slanted heart, circle, square, rectangle, dog tag, tear drop, star, oval or pod.  We can do custom shapes too, so if you have a shape in mind and it’s not listed just give us a call or pop over an email.

The standard thickness of our charms is 1.5mm. Our double sided charms are 3mm thick, this is due to them holding a print / writing on the front and reverse.

To view sizes click here Size Guide

If you have any questions you can contact Charlotte on 07968224792 or email contact@felixandreuben.co.uk.

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