What is my jewellery made from?

All our handmade jewellery is made from sterling silver. (Please note that before June 2019, all our jewellery was made from fine silver, unless sterling was requested) All the findings such as jump rings, charm carrier, cufflink backs and keyring attachments etc are made from sterling silver.

Is my jewellery handmade?

Yes, all of our jewellery is handmade from start to finish at our jewellery studio in Hinckley. If you want to see where all the magic happens, just drop us email and you’re welcome to schedule a visit 🙂

Is my jewellery going to be ‘perfect’?

As all our jewellery is handmade and hand polished it means there will always be an organic feel to the piece. We never try to create a factory ‘mass produced’ effect with our jewellery as we feel it would take something away from it. There may be some markings on the back or slight imperfections on the surface but we leave these in for a reason. We hope that you agree that any small imperfections add to the jewellery’s uniqueness and charm, but if for any reason you are unhappy please do let us know. We can always polish the item further for you but there is a risk that the print will fade due to the additional rubbing. If you have chosen to have your jewellery oxidised in order to bring out the detail of the prints further please note that the darkness of the oxidisation in each piece will vary.

How to do you secure my charm / pendant?

Each charm comes attached to an 8mm sterling silver jump ring or split ring – the choice is yours. We can tension set our jump rings so that you can remove them with ease and place onto another bracelet or chain OR, if you’ve selected a jump ring, we can solder it, which will give you additional peace of mind when wearing it.

How long will it take you to make my jewellery?

Our turnaround time is approx 28 days, from the date that we receive your prints. Sometimes it can be alot sooner than this but we do ask you to allow upto the 28 days, as during busy periods such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we have a high volume of orders. If however, you have a special date in mind that you’d like your jewellery for, it is more than possible for us to work to your chosen date BUT we do ask you to contact us to confirm this BEFORE you place an order to avoid disappointment incase it can’t be fulfilled in your ideal timescale.

How many prints can I have on a charm / pendant?

Small sized charms/pendants – hold one print and one name on the front. Medium sized pendants – can hold upto two prints and two names on the front. Large sized pendants – can hold upto three prints and three names on the front. Please note that the listings for medium and large pendants ONLY include one print and one name in the price. If you’d like an additional print on the front you will need to add this to your order by selecting ‘additional print’ in the optional extras section of the website. One print and one name is priced at £10. If you’d like additional prints on the reverse of your pendant, you will need to select the ‘double sided option’ in the optional extras section of the website. The double sided option includes one print and one name and is priced at £20.

What is the thickness of your charms / pendants?

Our single sided charms and pendant are approx 1.5mm thick. Our double sided pendants are 3mm thick.

Do I have to have a name on the front of my jewellery?

No, although each print includes a name, this is optional.

Do you handwrite the names on the front of the charms / pendants?

No, we don’t. We offer three options: we can either make a custom stamp using your own handwriting, make a standard stamp using printed text or we hand stamp the name using individual stamps. The choice really is yours, however, we will discuss with you what we believe to be the best option based on your chosen design.

Can I have a name / DOB or special message on the reverse?

Yes, and infact, this is a very popular optionl. We can hand engrave (in my handwriting) a name or date of birth on the reverse, for no additional cost, OR you can choose to have it machine engraved on the reverse, for an additional cost of £7. You will need to add this to your order by selected the ‘engraving on reverse’ option in the optional extras section of the website.

What is your hallmarking policy?

Current legislation states that silver items that weigh less than 7.78 grams need not be hallmarked. Hall marking is however a legal requirement for any item over this weight. Our company policy is to only hallmark items over 7.78 grams, the majority of our items are below this weight. However, if your item is under this weight and you would still like it hallmarking, we can arrange this for you for an additional cost. Please do bear in mind however that in order for your item to be hallmarked it is sent away to the assay office which will lengthen the time in which you will receive your order by two further weeks.

Does my charm / pendant include a bracelet or chain?

Our charms and pendants are sold individually, therefore, if you require a necklace or bracelet you will need to add this to your order. You can view chains, bracelets and findings in the optional extras section of the website. If you require a different type of chain or bracelet please get in touch prior to placing your order so that we can discuss alternative options.
As standard all charms / pendants are supplied on an 8mm jump ring or split ring, however, you can also purchase, lobster clasps, bolt rings or charm carrier should you wish. These are also available in the optional extras section of the website.

How do I care for my jewellery?

Your jewellery is supplied with an impregnated silver polishing cloth. You can apply a small amount of silver cleaning balm, for a higher shine, if you wish. However, please take care not to polish too vigorously into the print, as this may result in loss of detail and take the oxidisation away. It is advisable to store your jewellery in the grip seal bag provided (this can be found at the back of the box) to ensure it remains shiny. Please note that we are unable to remake jewellery free of charge if an item becomes damaged due to eventual wear and tear.

How much is postaging and packaging?

Postage and packing within the UK is FREE, this includes the cost of posting your printing or impression kit to you, and a stamped addressed envelope for returning them to us. For orders outside the UK there will be a charge of £10, this also includes the cost of posting your printing or impression kit to you, and a stamped addressed envelope for returning them to us. All finished jewellery is posted out via Royal Mail, first class, signed for delivery.

Where are you based?

Our HQ and studio is located in Hinckley, South West Leicestershire.

I’m not local, can I still purchase keepsake jewellery?

Oh yes, of course, lots of our customers aren’t local. We send our inkless print kits (used to capture handprints, footprints, paw prints and nose prints) and fingerprint impression kits in the post. Our kits are very easy to use and come with full instructions on how to obtain the best possible print.

When will my printing / impression kit be sent in the post?

We will send your kit within 48 hours of receiving your order.

I already have some prints, can you use them?

Normally we can, yes. We’d recommend contacting us by email to discuss the types of prints you have already, and ideally sending us a photograph for us to take a look at. We can work with paint prints and even photographs of prints but please be aware that the detail in the print will not be as good as if you were taking prints with our inkless printing kit.